Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday - Oven baked chicken - I'm sure this isn't the healthiest meal in town but every now and then I get an urge for baked chicken that tastes like fried chicken. I really like this recipe as the chicken turns out nice and crispy. I've been making this off and on for about 6 years now. I notice on the Betty Crocker site that this recipe is highly-rated. I'm not surprised!

Wednesday - Chicken nuggets/fries - A chaotic night that calls for a quick and easy dinner

Thursday - Meatloaf (I didn't get to this last week, we used the ground beef to BBQ burgers instead since the weather was perfect for BBQing)

Friday - Leftovers/pizza night

Saturday - Something vegetarian but I haven't decided yet. Maybe a veggie lasagne with lactose-free cheese

Sunday - Roast beef

Monday - Meatballs

Check out I'm an organizing junkie, for more great menu plan ideas

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thinking about this week's menu was more work than usual. For some reason, I had difficulty choosing meals. After much deliberation, here's this week's "chow".

Monday - Cook's choice - we ate leftovers (crock pot pork chops from Sunday) since there was so much to eat.

Tuesday - Vegetarian Spinach Curry (I didn't make this last week as it was on the menu - can't remember why now...?)

Wednesday - Frozen chicken nuggets/fries (I need a quick meal tonight that the children will eat - lots going on)

Thursday - Fast food (we rarely eat take-out but I couldn't think of a meal and I've already gone shopping. We'll be at the dentist until 5 p.m.)

Friday - Paperplate/leftovers/pizza night

Saturday - Spaghetti and meat balls (the meatballs are frozen but I'm thinking of making a nice "crock pot" sauce and I am looking for recipes)

Sunday - Meatloaf (yes, my family has requested this yet again).

For more great menu plan ideas, please visit I'm an organizing junkie.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some good eatin' at our house!!

I made two recipes that were so good I had to blog about it.

Chicken (or should I say turkey) pot pie
First the recipe for chicken pot pie. It's the Chicken Pot Pie IX recipe on allrecipes.com. I used what I had on hand in the way of vegetables and omitted the celery (since I had none).

I made my pastry from a boxed mix. The brand I use is Robin Hood Flaky Pie Crust mix. This revalation came from a grandmother at my daughters' school who bakes constantly for everyone. Her food is "to die for" and I asked her what her pie crust secret was. She confided that she uses the stuff "in the yellow box".

I always made mine from scratch. Well, I was skeptical but I gave it a try. I'm telling you, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference taste wise. All you do is add some water to this mix and, voila, you have a pie crust.

Anyway, I digress....

When I finished the pot pie, I knew we were in for a treat because this baby looked like a work of art. My husband was mightily impressed. It was almost the chicken pot pie that wasn't because, unknown to me, my hubby ate most of the turkey for lunch. There was just about 3/4 cup left. Of course I didn't find this out until it was time for me to put the turkey into the recipe. I did what I could and you couldn't even tell it was lean on turkey.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
A mom at my daughters' school gratiously stepped in to take care of my kids, without pay, when my oncologist's appointment ran 3 hours long today! Gee, that's a story for another blog entry. I thought I'd make some cookies for her two boys. I'd remembered a recipe a friend had used when she gave my family some cookies a few years ago. Something about Hilary Clinton....

Anyway, I found the recipe and made it. The recipe's called Hillary Clinton's Chocolate Chip Cookies. The cookies are (should I say "were") great!! It was inspiration from above since the idea just "came to me". The friend who first made me the cookies was a member of a cancer support group I belonged to. Sadly, she passed away about a year ago. When I made the cookies today, I thought of her.

I just had to pass these recipes on....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday - Turkey pie (to use up all my turkey leftovers) - anyone have a good recipe I can use? If so, please post in my comments before 4:00 p.m. today

Wednesday - Vegetarian Spinach Curry - I like to cook a vegetarian meal at least once or twice a week, thanks to Across My Kitchen Table, for the inspiration for this one. I just found this recipe on the Internet, I've never tried it before.

Thursday - Crockpot BBQ chicken - yup, I'm livin' on the edge - two new recipes this week. Thanks to A Jugglin Mum for the recipe.

Friday - leftovers/frozen pizza for the kids/paperplate night

Saturday - Tacos (my youngest daughter's suggestion)

Sunday - Oven baked pork chops - I'm not sure yet how I'll bake these

Monday - Cook's choice

For more great menu plan ideas, please visit I'm an organizing junkie.

Monday, April 2, 2007

I was about to blog about this on my knitting/crochet blog and realized that this is the better spot for it. It's all part of my plan to become better organized and I've been planning my menus since November. Here's this week's plan:

Tuesday - Vegetarian Chili (hmmm, I'd love to try a crockpot recipe for this one)
Wednesday - Hotdogs/fries
Thursday - BBQ Chicken wings
Friday - Leftovers/pizza
Saturday - Meatloaf
Sunday - It's Easter (we're having turkey and ham)
Monday - Leftovers again, of course!

I get rave reviews about my meatloaf. It's super simple and fast and my kids (who are very picky) actually ask for this dish to be put on the menu. I've used this recipe for almost 8 years now.

Home photos to follow in next post. :-)