Monday, October 19, 2009

The highlight of last week's menu was the braided egg bread. The loaf was magnificant and large and I'd say it went in about 4 hours. Everyone in my household loved the bread and it was so easy because the bread machine did most of the work.

Has anyone else noticed how expensive flour is these days? It $7 for a small bag of flour. I used to pay $4 for this size but I'm finding it's almost cheaper to buy store bought bread because you can get two loaves for $4.

Monday - Meatballs, White Rice and Corn (I'd love to say I made these meatballs "from scratch" but I've found some frozen meatballs that my kids love). There's also no cheese in them so I can eat them too.

Tuesday - **

Wednesday - **

Thursday - **

Friday - Friday pizza and leftovers

Saturday - Burrito night (with refried beans and mexican rice)

Sunday - **

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